Which model to buy?

The Instant Pot company doesn't make it easy, but I will: Buy the IP-DUO60.* The IP-DUO60 is the low-end model and the one responsible for the appliance's spectacular burst of popularity. While other models include extra buttons or a fancier interface, you can do everything you'd want to do in the IP-DUO60.

It combines seven appliances in one:

  • pressure cooker
  • slow cooker
  • rice cooker
  • steamer
  • sauté pan
  • yogurt maker
  • warmer

* A nice upgrade: IP-DUO60 Plus. This model adds a new display panel, a few more buttons, and a softer, gentler beeping noise. If you want a slightly upgraded Instant Pot or if it's on sale, grab it.







Other Instant Pot models:

Smart Bluetooth: I'm not technology-averse; in fact, quite the opposite. But I tried using Bluetooth to control my Instant Pot. It's not an experience I recommend.

Ultra: This model features an upgraded display and a new control panel (with a knob). Is it a better interface? Slightly. But maybe not enough to justify the added expense. The Ultra also touts a function that allows it to maintain a constant temperature for cooking sous-vide. In my experience, I can't recommend it for sous-vide cooking; it's not a substitute for a dedicated immersion circulator.  (Instant Pot does make an immersion circulator, but I haven't tried it.) 

If you buy using any of the links provided here, a small portion of the sale makes its way back to me. I appreciate it.